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Gilly's Story

Gilly's Story

Gilly's Creamery

Gilly is a country boy from Whaleyville, Virginia who has been successful in business for over thirty years. Throughout this time, he has dreamed of starting an old fashioned ice cream parlor. As a “people person”, he wanted a place where folks could relax with a treat, share some laughs, and just “chill out”.

His opportunity finally came in early 2011 when he learned of the available creamery space at the Farmers Market in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He quickly realized that it was the perfect location to open an ice cream store, and Gilly’s creamery was born…

Gilly’s serves homemade ice cream with only the freshest ingredients, straight from the Farmers Market. We offer both traditional flavors, and seasonal specials such as blueberry, peach, pomegranate, pumpkin and eggnog. (follow us on twitter for current specials). You can enjoy your ice cream in a homemade waffle cone, a dish, a milkshake or you may dare to try a gil-icious hot fudge sundae. We also have ice cream pies and cakes for you to take home to share with your friends and family.

Don’t feel like ice cream? Try the sorbets and frozen ice. Throughout the year, we will showcase bottled milk, various cheeses, and eggs – all from local Virginia Beach farms as well as other Virginia farms. During the colder months, come in for a fresh cup of coffee, hot chocolate or a bowl of ice cream topped off with warm fruit.

So come to the Farmers Market and stop by Gilly’s to find out about the “Gilly Genius”.
We look forward to chillin’ with you!